Nirav S. Desai

Chief Executive Officer – Moonbeam

Strategy & Partnership Guy – bold visionary with a road-map to catalyze innovation

  • A 18+ year career of helping corporations innovate
  • Over 5 years running virtual reality practices and businesses
  • Experience in startup mentorship (Techstars, UW Comotion Labs)
  • Connects industry with government and academia (Innovation Working group Co-Chair for Pacific Northwest Economic Region, Affiliate Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Washington)

Ian Byrnes

Chief Technology Officer – Moonbeam Envision

Technology Wunderkind – accomplished architect for secure immersive solutions

  • Lead developer on the U.S. Navy’s first VR-based mission planning tool
  • Software Engineer with 10+ years experience architecting, developing, and managing dispersed teams on mission critical applications

Trond Nilsen

Chief Operating Officer – Moonbeam Envision

Rigor & Process – product developer, team builder, community leader

  • Research scientist and leader with 18+ years in immersive technology R&D, leadership, and building product teams.
  • Seattle VR community leader, hosting hackathons, unconferences, meetups, and online events; collaborates and supports events around the world.
  • Ph.D. in Human Interface Technology from the University of Washington

Rajen Savjani

Chief Business Officer – Moonbeam Envision

Gamification Guru – game production ensures compelling experience

  • 18+ years in startup and investing
  • Former VP of biotech startup, resulting in a $100M+ acquisition
  • Producer of various VR, desktop, and console games

Michael Farber

Senior Partner and Co-Founder – Moonbeam Exchange

Visionary – bridging next generation R&D with corporate demand

  • Executive leader with experience advising Fortune 100 and government clients maximize returns on IT, product, R&D, and M&A investments
  • Expertise in emerging technologies, cloud, energy, cybersecurity, and government sectors
  • Runs an innovation brokerage network, Ratio Innovation Management, which includes Moonbeam Exchange
  • Senior Executive Advisor to Booz Allen Hamilton and Board Member for Seed Spot

Troy DeFrank

VP International Programs – Moonbeam Exchange

Going Global – understanding of complex global economic development and FDI ecosystem

  • Trade and investment expert with deep expertise generating business for public and private organizations in new markets
  • Portfolio of work which include dynamic economies like British Columbia, UK, Spain, and Washington State
  • Expertise in software, clean tech, aerospace, and building technology


Bridget Swirski

Project Manager

Henry Bowman

Virtual Reality Developer

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