Stop phoning it in — Moonbeam provides professionals tools to immersive collaboration.

How much time do you spend on teleconferences in a car or the airport — trying to stay engaged with a mind that is focused on somewhere other than where you are?

Have you ever spent months working on a strategy with a remote team when an afternoon in the same room white boarding would get you all on the right track?

Have you every flown across the country for a one-hour meeting? Or is Zoom fatigue setting in?


Our limited Alpha has started — reach out to us if you would like to participate.

The Envision API makes remote meeting productive — with tools that support creativity, presence, and note-taking. We bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality-based collaboration.

Customized Interfaces for Business Meetings

Mentorship Tools
Design Thinking
Pitch Meetings
Recruiting & Orientation
Team Building

Features for Productivity in Virtual Reality

Spatial Audio
Automated Transcription and Closed Captioning
Automated Note-taking and Action Item Extraction
White Boarding and Knowledge Capture Tools
Topic Modeling and Linguistic Analysis

Take a Test Flight

While not quite like putting a headset on and white-boarding with a colleague, here’s a sample of what you have in store for you with the Envision API.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of our tools. It is currently available on several VR collaboration platforms including:

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