The Current Model for Tech Scouting Doesn’t Work…

Moonbeam Fixes Corporate Innovation



look for unique capabilities and innovations



prototype and pilot solutions



cultivate buy-in across the organization

Invest & Grow

invest and grow

fund, build, and scale to extend market or create efficiency

The Moonbeam team have spent years working in corporate innovation and corporate ventures and they know that the current model of technology scouting does not work. We started with a disjoint swirl of industry professionals working in Corporate America, learning that our organizations were not structured to be agile enough to move at the pace of innovation. But we understood that to change the economy, startup agility and the power of disruption needed to scale beyond the technology industry into incumbent industries. From this realization, Moonbeam was born.

Technology Scouting is Serendipitous, and Returns are Hard to Measure

Corporations compete to get brash, entrepreneurial talent to bring fresh ideas to their staid brands. They open innovation labs in Silicon Valley or some other innovation economy to be where the action is. Technology scouts network and find promising companies to connect with product line owners, only to find progress too slow or the focus of the startup misaligned with corporate need. And, in the worst case, the promising talent leaves the corporation to go work for the startup.

Startups avoid Enterprises because they are Too Hard to Sell to

Emerging technology startups attempt to go straight to consumer markets because they view enterprise sales as too time consuming. Many Venture Capitalist view enterprise focused startups as unlikely to achieve a 7-10 year exit, largely due to challenges enterprises face around tech adoption. If the startup is targeting a risk adverse or heavily-regulated industry this challenge is even greater.

Energy is Wasted on Businesses that don’t Fit — Diamonds in the Rough are Overlooked

For a startup, focus is essential and misdirection costly. Time spent selling to a enterprise that is not a fit can sink a startup. Likewise a corporate innovation lab that does not produce quarterly or annual value can lose sponsorship. They need tools to organize serendipity. Further, they need to be able to have strategic and creative conversations irrespective of geographic separation.

Moonbeam Organizes Serendipity

We Build Tools for Efficiency in Technology Scouting and Increase Deal Flow

Exchange is a brokerage network that helps startups, corporate innovators, and economic development councils source and solve.


Envision is a virtual reality collaboration platform and API that enables remote creative collaboration allowing companies to solve and sell.

Together, these tools help innovators invest and grow.

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